Bira International Raceway circuit is a 2.4km long internationally accredited track. It regularly holds rounds for the Thai Touring car championship and is the premier circuit in Thailand. It is a technical circuit that provides ample opportunity to practice many different types of corners. When you are fast around Bira you are fast anywhere!  

 Take a lap around Bira Circuit with Steve Chidley - Fast Bikes

The Track: words by Steve Chidley of Fast Bikes Magazine May '05
Turn 1 is a tricky left-hander.  You brake downhill after a blind crest and head for the outside of the track, banging down three gears to 2nd.  You want to apex late and blast up the hill towards the hairpin holding the same cog.  No problem here, it's a 180º right with good visibility, watch the bumps on the apex though.
Fire down the hill catching third briefly, then short shift into fourth before braking for the first part of the fast triple-apex
right hander, which is downhill and off camber.
Run right out to the edge of the track on neutral throttle setting yourself up for the second apex, as soon as you've cleared it, hold the sucker open and scream past third rising back up the hill.  Careful though, the bikes pretty much at full lean through here.
As you nudge the limiter get on the brakes and knock it down into third for the first chicane, it's pretty simple but the exit
needs respect.
Then it's back down the hill and into second for the next chicane, you can run in much faster than you think and use the curbs on the exit.
Next is the slowest corner on the track, a 90º right.  Use all of the rack on the exit, and short shift into third for the last corner on to the pit straight.  Be careful of the clutch cover on the high kerbs on the inside, but hold it open and feel the rear tyre shuffle.  TOP FUN!!