Riding a bike fast is all about cornering.  Corner approach, corner entry, and corner exit.  That's where everything happens.  The rest is simply riding on full throttle with your head down in a straight line.  To address cornering we break it down into the following main areas:

  Vision looking through the turns
  Line Selection finding the best lines
  Throttle Control it's not an on and off switch
  Gear Shifting ensuring you are in the right gear at the right time
  Braking how to use your brakes safely and effectively, trail braking
  Body Positioning how to properly position yourself on the bike, counter steering

It's the correct combined working of the above that make for good cornering.  A bit of pre-reading if you like which gives an excellent introduction into sports riding techniques is
Total Control (High performance & Street Riding Techniques) by Lee Parks.
  There other books out there such as Twist of the Wrist by Keith Code and they all cover the same basic principles.  Choose one that suits you.

We go through each of these main areas in a systematic approach to ensure that you are not overloaded.  We go through the theory back at the paddock and then go out for a few laps together to try out new techniques and observe your performance.  Once back at the paddock we de-brief and so it goes. 

Many of those that attend our events are knee down virgins.  Most lose their virginity on the first or second day.  While we have a very good track record of "first time knee downers" we can't guarantee success.  It's all to do with attitude and confidence.  We are firm believers in the saying "if you say you can, you can.  If you say you can't, you're right".  We certainly believe you can!

"if you say you can, you can.  If you say you can't, you're right".

While most of our guidance is generally requested by those wishing to get their knee down we are equally available for those experienced track riders that wish to tweak there performance.  The same format of teaching is used for all levels of experience and there is no such thing as a rider that has learned everything.  Indeed our own instructors continue to gain new tit-bits from our customers all the time. 

David Conquest, UK, proudly presenting his first knee down.

David Conquest joined our very first Highside Tours event back in Jan 2005.  He had been riding at numerous track days without ever getting his knee down.  David got both left & right knees down on the 2nd day of the event.  Since then he has progressed rapidly and has won group B races and achieved podium positions in the Thai National Superbike series. 

Above shows David before and after.  David's comments on his experience with Highside Tours: 

"I had been riding bikes for years before joining the HighSideTours event.  Even though I had done a number of track days I really didn't know what the hell I was doing.  If it was wrong I was doing it.  After the first day at HighSideTours I hadn't got my knee down but I just felt so much better on the bike just by changing my body position and learning to look through the corners.  On the 2nd day I got my knee down which was just awesome.  After that it just came and I was knee down on every corner.  Since then I've been racing and done quite well and managed to put a few pieces of silver on the mantlepiece.  I owe all of this to HighSideTours.  Without them I would probably still be going round like a dork..  Thanks Graham!"