We like to treat our customers as grown-ups rather than baby them. We don't make you wear a beginners bib or frown on the occasional wheelie. That said, we will not tolerate intimidating or dangerous riding, and we do take safety seriously.

"we will not tolerate intimidating or dangerous riding, and we do take safety seriously"

Accidents mainly happen due to over-confidence or other rider involvement. With the limited numbers and the amount of track time available to each rider, HighSideTours greatly reduces these two risk factors, allowing every participant enough time and space to improve at their own pace and avoid accidents. We insist that full protective riding gear be worn: helmet, gloves, one- or two-piece leather riding suit and boots. Back protectors are strongly recommended.

The wheelie is ok.  Two's up and no protective gear is not.  (These Marshals received death by lethal injection.) Our Marshals are always alert!
(for those without a sense of humour, this was taken during lunch break)

Flag marshals are stationed at trackside to inform riders of obstructions on the track or other hazards. They have radio contact to the pits and on call ambulance services to provide swift qualified medical assistance where necessary. Qualified first-aiders are present at the track during the whole day and HighSideTours carries a full range of emergency medical equipment. The excellent hospitals of Pattaya are only 10 minutes away should you need to add to your collection of X-rays!

We also recommend that you take out a suitable travel insurance that covers "extreme" activities. For EU citizens, a suitable policy can be found at Harrison Beaumont. HighSideTours track days are a class 3 activity under this policy. For Australian citizens a policy is available at AON Personal Insurance.