We offer a variety of packages to try and cover all types of customer requirements. From the full 3 day all inclusive package to the 1/2 day taster there should be something to suit. All our full day packages include crash insurance. So even if you make a mistake and it all goes pear shaped you don't pay extra!


See the summary below or click on the package name to get more information.  Discounts are available for returning customers and group bookings.  We also offer a unique money back guarantee if it rains!


  Standard Basic Sampler Half Day
Bike Hire
Unlimited Track Time
Accommodation - - -
Airport Transfers - - -
Track Transfers
Crash Insurance -
Fuel & Tyres
Photo CD - -
HST Team Shirt* - - -
Breakfast - - -
Soft Drinks
Repeat Customer Discount -
Rain Refund - - -

 * The HST team shirt is not available on discounted standard packages.


Price [Thai Baht] 56,000 40,000 16,000 7.000






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Repeat Customer Discounts

Rain Refund

Nothing can be more frustrating than weeks of anticipation, getting to the track only to spend most of the day looking at puddles on the apex and freezing in the pits.

Well we wouldn't know.....

No HST event has ever been cancelled due to rain. In 6 years of operations we have only ever lost 2 days to rain, even in the so-called rainy season.  Over 95% of the days are completely dry.

So confident are we that we make this guarantee to our standard package customers;

If we lose a day to rain [less than 1 hours riding possible] we will credit you 100% of that day on your next visit or 50% in cash at the event.  The day will be calculated as 1/3 of your total package price less transfers and hotel costs.