How do I make a booking?

The simplest way is to fill in the form on the website with your preferred dates and bike. We will then email you an indication of availability and spaces. If you decide you want to go ahead with the booking, please go to the payment section on the website to make payment by credit card, or call us direct to process your payment via Paypal or Bartercard.

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What if it rains?

Because we are at the track all day, rain showers are not normally a problem. Even in the rainy season we seldom lose more than 2 hours a day for rain. This could be the time for that well deserved afternoon nap! The bikes are normally fitted with treaded track rubber which still offers decent grip in the wet so you can still ride once the downpour has ended. We now offer a rain refund. If you lose a whole day to rain during your trip that will be deducted from your next visit to us. [A day counts for 20,000 Baht]

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Do I have to have a valid bike license?

Not necessarily. We prefer riders to have a valid bike licence from their home country but subject to the signing of the liability waiver anyone over the age of 18 can participate. Under 18 participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who will complete the waiver on their behalf.

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What if I crash?

Our policy on crashes is flexible to allow for the variety of incidents that can occur during a track day. Track incidents can be very unpredictable and we like to be as fair as possible to both you and of course our bikes. Normal rules are: The first crash is not deducted from your security deposit providing you are riding normally. If you bin it on your first wheelie attempt we will charge you. \The costs of any second (or subsequent crashes) will be assessed at the end of the session and will be applied against your security deposit. If the balance exceeds your deposit and you wish to continue, we ask for an increased amount to cover the additional costs and a further security deposit amount. A crash is defined as an incident whilst the bike is in your hands which causes more than minor damage. We don't count scratches or engine casing scars as damage. However these rules may be waived if in the opinion of the track staff the rider is causing damage to the bike due to negligent or reckless riding. In these cases we reserve the right to bar the participant and deduct all damages from the security deposit.

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I'm a track day virgin, can I come?

Absolutely! Take time to learn at your own pace and with one of our staff to guide you through the basics of track riding. We'll adjust the pace of your learning and the track conditions to suit your confidence level. If you need 20 laps of the track with just an instructor and no other riders then that is what you will get. You'll never get that offer from another track day company!

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When is the best time to visit?

Depends if you like it hot or really hot. Around August and September is the most humid time and track temperatures can get very testing. On the plus side, the entertainment and bars in Pattaya and Bangkok offer the best rates during this period. December to March offer the coolest temperatures and the lowest chances of rain but the most competition for hotel and bar space.

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What do I bring?

You need to bring:

  • Helmet, Gloves, Boots
  • 1 or 2 piece Leathers
  • Back Protector (recommended)
  • Absorbent Undersuit (recommended)
  • CC Card for Deposit Processing
  • Unlimited enthusiasm and a sense of fun!


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Any instructors?

The HighSideTours staff instructors are all FIM International A-Grade licence holders with many hundreds of hours experience around Thailand's tracks. They will be available all day for as much or as little help and advice as you want to receive.

We will normally try to focus on an individuals strengths and weaknesses rather than having a "one size fits all" methodology. Whether it be, braking, lean angle or steering issues, we can help!


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