Pattaya is one of the entertainment capitals of the world. Bars and restaurants crowd each corner along the beach and along the streets and back roads . Fantastic food, bars, friendly locals and great weather, this is the ideal place to relax and compare notes on the days riding experiences.

Grab a beer with your new track day mates and plunge into the adventure that is Thailand. Our staff and managers will be available for advice and possibly guidance through some of the entertainments on offer.

From high excitement to ultimate relaxation, you can really have everything within a stone's throw of your hotel room. Whether it's shopping, eating, drinking, water sports, tanning, sleeping or any other pastime, Pattaya has got it and Pattaya flaunts it!

This is just Pattaya.  Thailand is so a truly diverse you really are spoilt for choice.   A selection of links below give some more details on the activities available in the area:

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